Mobile Service

Mobile Service

Physician Referral / Mobile Service

Would you like to offer your patients thermal imaging services?  With our mobile thermography service, you can offer thermal imaging right in your own office without having to send your patients out to have the screening done!

Let us help you grow your practice with the use of thermal imaging.  Service your existing clients/patients, attract new clients/patients or bring back those you haven’t seen in a while.

We can set up for a half day or a full day at your office providing thermal scans for your patients.  Call us at 310-241-0947 for a start-up information kit or to set up an initial meeting so that we can present the information to you and your staff.

What Can We Do For You?

Our goal is to build your practice and income stream through the use of Thermography.

  • There is no cost to you for our mobile service

  • FIRST: we give you a 15 minute power point presentation on what thermography is, how it works & how it will benefit your patients.

  • NEXT: OUR TIME TESTED BUSINESS in a box will...

    • Show you how our company can bring new clients to your office

    • Show you how to generate a renewed income using your old client’s data base and thermography to reintroduce them back to your clinic.

    • Show you how to use thermography on a daily basis for instant client care.

    • Show you how to increase patient care through supplemental disease control which could double your current supplement sales volume

    • Generate multiple streams of income

    • One 7’ X 10’ room or larger ½ day or one full day per week or per month
    • We do not require any further use of your space

    • Your receptionist be willing to take phone calls and schedule appointments

    • Your desire to learn how thermography can benefit your patients & patient care

  • Nothing else is required of you or your staff.

How It Works
  1. A patient will ask about thermography, the appointment is set by your office personnel.

  2. We do the rest.

  3. Then at the end of each week we send you a check.

YES it is that simple. We literally do it all, except treat your patients.