So You Got Your Scan… Now What?

So You Got Your Scan… Now What?

You’ve got options. Many of our patients like to speak directly with the reporting doctor. Your thermography evaluation report will be sent to you via e-mail (unless you request otherwise) within 10-14 business days from the day you get scanned. If you would like a 15 minute phone consultation with the reporting doctor, we strongly recommend you have your questions prepared ahead of time so the doctor can cover everything efficiently. If you have the ability to e-mail him or her your questions before your consult, this will allow him the opportunity to briefly review and prepare before your phone consult appointment.

Phone Consult Fees:
  • Breast, Cranial or Visceral study: $25.00 for 15 min consult
  • Health Screening: $40.00 for 15 min consult
  • Full Body: $50.00 for 15 min consult

That fee will be generated from the reporting doctor's office directly. If this is your first thermography screening, the report will request you to schedule a follow up appointment in 3 months to establish a baseline study. Thank you for using our services and being pro-active in managing your health.

More Options

Bring your scan with you to Reveal Wellness so that one of our trained practitioners can go over it with you. We will help you understand the doctor’s report and recommendations as well as come up with a plan of action to keep you charging forward on your path to optimal health.