After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Buffalo, Dr. Staysea Sumner continued her studies at the University of Salamanca in Spain. Afterward, she relocated from her home in New York to Los Angeles where she pursued her degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine completing internships at both UCLA and Los Angeles Free Clinic.

With 20 years of sports rehabilitation experience and training in orthopedic treatment settings, Dr. Sumner’s skills in pain management are exceptional. She has mastered the use of multiple modalities, understanding that each individual’s response to healing is unique.

In private practice since 2005, Dr. Sumner has attained practical experience in a variety of both physical and psychological disorders. Although she is well trained in several complementary therapies, her passion and expertise are in utilizing NET, (Neuro-Emotional Technique). After completing a PhD, with a dissertation analyzing the neuroplasticity of the brain, Dr. Sumner is compelled to help people change patterns of emotional overwhelm that often are found as the root cause of their pain or disease. She also utilizes Neurolink Integration System (NIS) to help reset the communication between the body and the nervous system as well as Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) to assess imbalances in an effort to support the organs and glands. These combinations get great results and support the patient on many levels. This work is life changing and the results you achieve are priceless!

In 2014 Dr. Sumner completed an intensive course through the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. This program focused on healthy lifestyle choices and patient centered care. She is one of the top 42 graduates of this program, which was developed by the Center of Excellence at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. This center is considered a worldwide leader in integrative education, clinical care and research. This staff includes Dr. Andrew Weil, MD and Dr. Tierona Low Dog, among other esteemed doctors, professors and colleagues. The curriculum followed very similar principles to which Dr. Sumner already adheres. She believes, “You have to meet people where they’re at now. I believe their understanding and commitment to health is what sets the stage. We’re here to show them how to reach their goals. With an open mind, a person’s possibilities are endless.”

After a beautifully received first season of “Evolve From Within”, Dr. Sumner continues with her second round of an on-line program. Dedicated and determined to help people outside of her local reach, she has created a set of tools that are One-Size-Fits-Most. From mindfulness to movement, making waves and creating rhythms that support your best health is at the forefront of her mission both in person and on-line. Through webinars, group coaching and social media, Dr. Sumner is able to connect with people on their schedule and in their location. In Dr. Sumner’s book A Bit of Both, she demystifies the confusion around healthcare conflicts, like Chapter 1, What do we do?

“It’s not only about learning and understanding what you need, there is also an element of remembering. Much of what we need is already inside our own blueprint. Remember, the body is a map. Learn to read it and it will tell you what you need to know.” She refers to both Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine while infusing practical philosophies and advanced theories. There is truly something for everyone.